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The Little Things


The ‘Little Things’

Now that spring has arrived, we can all agree that it is a pleasure to go out into the sun and enjoy the good weather. All around us we see scenes of life at its simplest and most memorable, such as children playing in the park, and creatures great and small going on about their daily business. When we are busy at school, it is sometimes easy to forget that slowing down is just as important as being involved in school and extra-curricular activities. Stepping back and resting give us the opportunity to survey the mountains of hard work that we have completed and scan the horizon of new challenges that await us.


Sometimes, it is the little things we notice when we are not busy that have just as profound an impact on us as when we are immersed in deep thought, finishing an assignment or homework. Perhaps you have noticed how that one pebble, which countless children have skipped across a lake on a warm day, can create ripples going from one end to the other. Perhaps you have also heard of the butterfly effect, and how the flapping of that butterfly on your lawn can actually influence the weather somewhere on the other side of the world. In our lives, the same wonderful things have been known to happen. Lifelong friendships have begun at recess when one child quietly says hello to another and offers to share his or her snack. Soon the two become inseparable friends who are there for each other in every way. Let us always remember the value in the little things that we see and do, for they may lead to greater things in the future. What stirs the heart of a child today, may lead him or her to make a genuine difference in the lives of others and the world in which they live.


The spring season can mean so many things to different people. For one child it can mean a weekend camping trip with the family, and for another, it is just playing catch with a friend in the backyard. Whatever spring means to you, there will be moments when the ‘little things’ make their presence known, ever so subtly. They are there to remind us that every moment counts and makes a difference. Big surprises come in little packages. Just look for them in the everyday things around you.


I hope that the final few months of the school year will be special and memorable for your children, one to which they can look back with fondness. Before you know it, the school year will come to an end, and our children at Matsqui will be moving on to the next grade.




Terry Jung