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June Learning at Matsqui Elementary

Dear Matsqui Families,

I’m sure you all have MANY questions in regard to “what will school look like for the month of June?”. As you are aware, school will not look like it normally has in the past. The following information is a summary of what we know at this point. I hope it answers some of your questions and helps you make a more-informed decision about whether you want to send your child(ren) back to school for June.

We miss the students and we WANT them to return! 😊 Here is what we are putting into place to ensure the safety and well-being of staff and students.

Important to note: Parents must let the school know if they plan to have their children attend school. Students cannot be dropped off unless a plan has been made. We are planning the June 1st classes according to the District survey results. If you want your child to attend school, you must fill out the survey or confirm with the school. Click here for the District survey.

Thank you!


  • School will occur for 2 consecutive days - Pod A - Monday and Tuesday
  • Note the change: School will occur from 9:05 am – 2:50 pm (Normally we extend our lunch time to accommodate district bussing schedules. As no bussing will be offered for June, our lunch time will be shortened to 45 min)
  • Parents need to drop off/pick up students – no bus transportation is available for the month of June
  • All students attending school will be scheduled into Pod A (Monday/Tuesday) until classes reach maximum capacity. Maximum class size is half of what it normally is (ie. K classes: 10 students max, Grade 1 – 3 classes: 11 students, Grades 4 – 5 classes: 15 students max)
  • Once Pod A fills up, we will begin to plan Pod B (Thursday/Friday).
  • The principal will assign students into Pod A (and then Pod B if necessary. At this time, our numbers indicate only Pod A will be necessary)
  • Students will be in their classrooms with their classroom teacher wherever possible.
  • Students will have a designated workspace in their classrooms.
  • Students will be asked to bring a SMALL amount of personal school supplies as we will not be sharing any supplies
  • Please send the following items in a labeled self-contained Ziploc bag:
    • Notebook
    • Pencil
    • Eraser
    • Crayons, felt pens or pencil crayons
    • Glue stick
    • Scissors
    • Foaming hand soap
    • 2 pieces of sidewalk chalk
    • Small container of hand sanitizer
    • Additional supplies: lunch, water bottle, outside camp-style chair (if possible) and inside shoes
  • Students will have a regular recess and lunch hour, however, depending on how many students attend school, we may need to stagger recess and lunch times (TBD).
  • There will not be regular PE classes at this time. Outside/Physical Education time will be planned by each individual teacher. 
  • For those not attending school in June, we will set up pick up times for student supplies and materials (more information to come).


  • Students will be taught to remain socially and physically distant to the best of their ability and/or will be reminded to “keep hands to self”
  • Regular hand washing protocol will be in every classroom
  • Water fountains will be disconnected and not used by students. Students will need to bring their own water bottles and can be filled up in the classroom faucet
  • Students will be assigned to specific bathroom stalls and sinks to use throughout the day
  • Depending on how many students end up attending, we may need to stagger drop off and pick up times (1/2 hour window of time) (TBD)
  • Parents will be required to go through a health screen/discussion with their child(ren) prior to the school day starting.  When you drop your child(ren) off, teachers will confirm with you that you have gone through the health screen prior to bringing your child to school. If students are showing any signs of sickness (common cold/flu/Covid 19 symptoms), they will need to go home immediately.
  • At this time, our climbing structures remain closed until such time that the City of Abbotsford gets the ‘go ahead’ to open them. Outside playtime for students will consist of limited sports activities. We are discussing as a staff how to allow for limited use of sports equipment while maintaining strict cleaning protocols.  
  • Large assemblies and gatherings of over 50 people are still not permitted.  Therefore, yearend assemblies and other such events will not be occurring.   We understand Gr. 5 celebrations will not look the same as they normally do.  We will be looking at some sort of modified send off for our Gr. 5’s.  More information to come.
  • Taped lines on the floor indicating directions for walking as well as waiting spots will be placed on the floor outside the bathrooms (1 child at a time in the bathrooms)
  • Signage located around all entry points and classrooms reminding students of hand washing, social distancing and coughing etiquette
  • All classrooms will have hand sanitizer, Lysol wipes, and an anti-bacterial cleaner available for teacher use


Face to Face Instruction:

  • The focus of our face-to-face instruction will be on socialization, re-connecting and learning about proper safety protocols, healthy routines, and how to function safely in a school when in a global pandemic. Our staff will be focusing on social emotional learning and want to help students learn new routines for what has become our new societal ‘norm’
  • Teachers will spend a small amount of time on literacy and numeracy but the majority of those activities will be offered remotely
  • Students can anticipate spending a lot of time outdoors engaging in learning activities outside

Online Learning:

  • A curtailed version of on-line learning for students will continue to be offered.  
  • Please know that because our teachers will be shifting to planning for in-school instruction, the remote learning that will be offered will be significantly curtailed.
  • Please note: June online learning will NOT look the same as pre-June online learning. Our staff are working hard to figure out how to juggle the 2 roles of providing both face-to-face instruction and remote learning. Thank you for your patience and understanding as we navigate this additional change for this school year.

I hope this provides you with more information and will help you complete the survey that the District put out.  If you have filled out the survey and wish to change your response, feel free to fill it out again as we will be able to re-sort the information. Click here for the survey.

Please forward any questions you have in regards to school set up to Mrs. Dyck at .  Please read our emails as I will likely send out new information every few days about our safety protocols, procedures, and information about school re-opening. 

Thanks, everyone!

Mrs. Dyck


Matsqui Elementary


Current until: Monday, June 15th, 2020
Posted: Thursday, May 21st, 2020

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