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Blog: Friday, January 22nd, 2021

Books, Books and More Books!

There has been MUCH excitement in our school as of late! New library and classroom books have been arriving on a daily basis! Over the last few months, students have provided input about which books they would like to see in the library (LLC) and in their classroom libraries. Funding for these books has been raised through the Scholastic Book Fair and our annual Readathon/Bookswap Events.

Classroom Library and LLC books

Last week, our classes had the opportunity to experience a Book Tasting Event! Students were able to check out some of the new books that will be added to the library for circulation. New books will continue to arrive into February for the library and individual classrooms.

Home Reading books

We have also been able to use school funds to purchase $4000 worth of new Home Reading Books recently. In the coming weeks, students will have the opportunity to go 'Book Shopping' for books they can take home to read with their families that are at their reading level. Students will go 'Book Shopping' to keep their books 'fresh' and new each week! 

Guided Reading books

Late last year, when we were in the midst of the pandemic, and nothing about school was 'normal', the District generously allotted our school $10,000 to purchase new books for use in the classrooms for guided reading instruction. Classroom teachers are tapping into those new books daily as they do small group reading instruction with their students. 

Thank you!

Our community here at Matsqui Elementary continues to be very passionate about and committed to increasing access to good books in the classrooms, the LLC and for use at home. A huge 'thank you' is going out to all of our stakeholders; District leaders, school staff, and parents, for your commitment to ensuring kids have access to books to increase their love of literacy!